Cindy Sherman to Receive Jewish Museum Award Designed For Cindy Sherman

11/13/2009 9:34 AM |

Cindy Sherman and David Byrne

She didn’t get the Art Award for best gallery show, but Cindy Sherman will receive an award from the Jewish Museum next week that sounds like it was created with her in mind. Yesterday Artinfo reported that the award will be given to the self-photographing, identity-shifting avant-garde artist during a ceremony on November 17. The prize, called the Man Ray Award, is given to artists who understand and demonstrate art’s ability to imagine and explore new identities, which, in a nutshell, is exactly what Sherman (and Man Ray) has always done.

The award also coincides with the Jewish Museum’s major Man Ray exhibition, Alias Man Ray: The Art of Reinvention, which opens on Sunday and of which there will be a private tour during the award ceremony. I hope Sherman and long-time boyfriend David Byrne (pictured at the Performa gala) go dressed as each other.
(Photo by Amber De Vos)