Cirque du Soleil Wants to Make Michael Jackson Musical

11/12/2009 11:08 AM |

Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal

Well, this should come as no surprise after Cirque du Soleil’s Beatles and Elvis Presley stage musical-acrobatics-circus spectacles (Love and Viva Elvis), but the Hollywood Reporter (which was just sold, btw) reports that the Montreal-based employer of Olympic gymnasts is doing everything in its power to get the folks in charge of Michael Jackson’s estate to sign off on a Las Vegas musical based on the late King of Pop’s music and choreography.

Cirque is still working on getting the Elvis show up and running, but after it opens they’ll be sitting down with the Jackson folks to hammer out a deal. HR states the obvious: “The money involved is said to be astronomical.” In other “Michael Jackson musical experience” news, AEG Live, the group behind the This Is It concert series, wants to take that show out on the road—you know, the show that essentially killed Jackson and wouldn’t really make any sense without its focal point.