Coming Soon (Meaning Hopefully Never) to Greenpoint: Sand Dunes, Schooners and Sea World

11/09/2009 3:04 PM |

India Street Condo Plan

Zoning laws and recessionomics—not to mention, you know, architectural responsibility, neighborhood context and human empathy—haven’t dissuaded a first time real estate developer from planning to stick a 47-story slice of Miami Beach condo architecture in little old Greenpoint. The Brooklyn Paper talks to newby real estate developer Jonathan Bernstein and local planners about the project, which would see two condo towers (47 and 20 stories) designed by renowned architect Cesar Pelli rise on India Street at the East River waterfront (pictured). Current zoning laws would let him build a 40 story tower and a 30 story tower, which already seems a little ridiculous, but they’d have to have much fewer units, meaning he’d make less money and we would all be very sad for him.

Anticipating local opposition, Bernstein is sweetening the deal (currently budgeted at $623 million) by offering Greenpointers their own little waterfront Disneyland as part of the development. According to The BP:

Bernstein said his project would include thousands of square feet of parkland, an amphitheater, a beach, sand dunes, wetlands, two piers for three historical schooners (for educational purposes), and ferry service.

Hm… That’s not bad, but folks, I think if we keep protesting this thing for a few months we could probably get him to throw in a Sea World and an indoor ski slope.