David Sedaris to Release New Audiobook on Vinyl

11/25/2009 2:30 PM |


Stop the presses: vinyl is coming back in a big way! Or rather, it already has: sales in 2008 were double what they were in 2007, the best year for sales since 1990.

Yeah, all of your favorite bands now put their albums out on vinyl—except for Edward Sharpe, bummer!—but nothing signals that the once outmoded medium is really enjoying a comeback than this: David Sedaris is releasing his new audiobook on vinyl. What was once the realm of the indie underground has gone NPR mainstream.

“Live for Your Listening Pleasure,” which goes on sale January 5, has a cover that features a sexy woman, stretched out on soft cushions, surrounded by uncovered records. (Hey lady, take better care of your music!) It looks like an old record, a cross between “Bringing it All Back Home” and the soundtrack to a 70s swingers party: isn’t that funny? The publisher sure hopes so.

“The senior vice president for digital and audio publishing at the Hachette Book Group said she was drawn to the idea precisely because it was quirky,” the Times reported. “Mr. Sedaris’ ‘audience is very attuned to irony and is going to find this funny.'”

And the record will only feature two of the five tracks that are on the CD! That’s the funniest part of all! (In fairness, it will include a coupon for free mp3 downloads…but still.)

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