Dinosaur Feathers Residency Begins Tonight at Cameo Gallery

11/23/2009 2:35 PM |


Back in April of this year, we honorably mentioned Dinosaur Feathers in our 8 NYC Bands You Need to Hear issue. Then we had them play on the street, as well as inside a proper venue on a proper stage, at the Northside Festval, and I remember wishing we’d settled on nine, rather than eight, as the arbitrary number of New York City bands you need to hear each spring. But you can’t just go changing things, you know? Because, like… branding or whatever.

What I can do, though, is tell you that If you haven’t downloaded their debut EP, Early Morning Risers, then you should, because it is free and because it’s awesome, especially if you’re already fond of Animal Collective and the New Pornographers, which you are, obviously. And I can tell you about their residency at the Cameo Gallery, which begins tonight, then takes a week off, then picks up again on December 7th and continues on the 17th, which you already know because the image up there says so.

I recommend going to tonight, because going to something the first time it happens is cooler than going to something the second or third time it happens, plus pow wow! is on the bill tonight, and, you know