Dog of the Day: Coco!

11/23/2009 12:43 PM |

Dog of the Day: Coco

It’s Coco! Found wandering the streets of Williamsburg’s South Side, Coco was brought to the world’s best pet store, PS9 (North 9th Street, between Bedford and Driggs) by some sweet kids, who couldn’t keep her, but have been stopping in to give her walks and belly rubs. Joan, PS9’s lovely proprietress, tells us Coco is very well behaved, tolerant of all the dogs who’ve been coming to visit her in the store, and very, very affectionate.

And of course, she’s gorgeous. And healthy, and up to date on her shots. It was all I could do to not take her home myself….

She’s had puppies, pretty recently, and the kids who found her did a little Hardy Boy-style research and found that she once belonged to a guy who moved to Puerto Rico, who left her with a friend when he departed: said friend apparently turned her loose in the streets. If I ever come across said friend…

Dog of the Day: Coco

Come visit Coco at PS9 anytime they’re open—12-8 Monday through Saturday, 12-6 on Sundays. (And you can do all your pet-related holiday shopping while you’re there.)

169 N 9th St, between Bedford Ave & Driggs Ave, 718-486-6465,