Flava Flave Owes About $200,000 in Back Taxes

11/13/2009 10:42 AM |

Flava Flav

For a guy who always wears giant clocks around his neck, Flava Flav is awfully late on his taxes. On Wednesday the Detroit News reported that Flav owes the state of California $183,000 in back taxes. That makes Method Man‘s $33,000 in overdue taxes seem like child’s play, which, given that Flav is actually 50 years old, it kind of is.

The Public Enemy MC and hip-hop jester has an inexplicably successful reality TV show empire, though, so this shouldn’t be too much of a stress on his bank account. On the other hand, Public Enemy did recently ask their fans to fund their next album, so maybe Flav really is strapped for cash. He hasn’t responded to the charge yet, but hopefully when he does it’ll sound something like this. (HipHopWired)