Forget the Rat Race: Life in France is Like a Hamster Wheel

11/19/2009 5:04 PM |

Hamster Suite

The Telegraph‘s Travel section, always a treasure trove of unusual destinations, featured an all-too-brief piece on Tuesday about a hotel in an 18th century building in Nantes, France, where Frederic Tabary and Yann Falquerho have created a suite called “Hamster Villa.” Following the “caveman suite” model (except, you know, inter-species), the Hamster Villa is a hotel room designed to resemble a giant hamster cage.

There’s a human-sized hamster wheel for fitness, grain pellets for food, hay for sleeping in and hamster hats to help you get into the role, all for the relatively affordable rate of 99 euros per night ($147)—although that price is expected to go up shortly as un-hamster-y amenities like wireless internet and TVs are added. Get a closer look after the jump, where, if you understand French, Tabary (pictured) discusses very rationally, practically intellectually, why he and Falquerho created the Hamster Villa. (io9)