Groundbreaking Survey Finds That Artists Are Suffering During the Recession

11/24/2009 12:55 PM |

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Artinfo reports that a survey conducted among 5,200 artists by Leveraging Investments in Creativity (LINC) turned up some very predictable results, namely: “more than 50 percent of artists have seen income drop in the last year.” More interesting and scary, though, was the finding that 18 percent of respondents said that their income had fallen by over 50 percent during that period.

Other more or less depressing findings from LINC’s survey: Most artists have a job to support their creative pursuits and one in five has a third job; most have college degrees, but few make as much money as a result of their extra education as people working in other fields; architects and musicians make more money than painters and writers (hah!).

On the other hand, LINC found that artists are tireless optimists:

75 percent of the 5,200 artists surveyed said that it was an inspiring time to be an artist, and 89 percent felt that artists could play a special role in strengthening their communities during turbulent economic times.

The survey doesn’t really take into account other artist activities, like drinking, which presumably has a great deal to do with their aforementioned optimism at the prospect of a lifetime of poverty and hard work. Next week LINC is expected to publish a shocking survey about the suffering of car manufacturers and journalists during the recession.