How Well Do You Know Your Indie Rock?

11/30/2009 5:09 PM |


Because it’s a Monday after a holiday weekend and not a whole lot is going on other than Tiger Woods turning into a shadeball, we thought it’d be fun to pass time with a game, just like they did in the olden days. It’s pretty simple: Match the bands to their correct MySpace tags — those four or five word descriptions that appear next to their picture on their profile page. Check back tomorrow morning for the answers. I know! So fun!

1. Enya with bounce
2. Just me and the boys
3. Let’s get high, baby
4. Teen dream
5. B-)
6. Condoleezza Rice, secretary of weed
7. New band-new day. Watch out.
8. White people
9. No 8
10. The enemy is everywhere
11. Teenage reverb garage t-shirt

A. Real Estate
B. Beach House
C. Girls
D. Jay Reatard
E. Surfer Blood
F. Yeasayer
G. Ponytail
H. Das Racist
I. Titus Andronicus
J. Atlas Sound
K. No Age

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