Huge Archive of Van Gogh Letters Available Online

11/02/2009 5:02 PM |

Van Gogh Letter

The Vincent van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam just made 902 of the post-Impressionist painter’s letters available for anyone to peruse online for free. It’s really interesting and cool if you’re an art history nerd or obsessive archive-comber, and features translations, annotations and facsimiles for all the letters, which are indexed by place, period and correspondent.

You can even just browse the ones with sketches, like the drawing at right, which appears on the last page of a letter Vincent wrote to his brother Theo from Ramsgate on May 31 1876. In the text Vincent likens a view of a city he saw from a pier to an Albrecht Dürer etching, talks about taking a dreamy walk along the beach during a storm, and wonders who would play him if they ever made a movie of his life: “I suspect Willem Dafoe would be suitable, as would Christian Bale. Machinist Christian Bale, of course, not Batman Christian Bale, as I’m sure you’ll agree. I pray they don’t mock my chin by casting Cary Grant or Kirk Douglas to play me. God I hate my chin—and my ear—why am I so ugly?” Click here to read more of the Van Gogh Letters. (Artinfo)