I Was on the Internet Today and Found This Clip of John Tesh Talking About Perfect Strangers

11/17/2009 2:19 PM |

Some times you find yourself in a weird place. I’m not saying I’m depressed, but today I found myself browsing through clips from beloved 80s sitcom Perfect Strangers. You know, the one with Balki and Cousin Larry as the odd couple? Yes, you do. And then I found this touchingly earnest 1992 Entertainment Tonight look at THE END OF PERFECT STRANGERS, FOREVER in which Bronson Pinchot says the following, in regards to co-star Mark Linn-Baker: “We’ve been through stuff we couldn’t even explain to anybody else… There was so much that went on between us that was never spoken.” And then he almost cries. And then I went to John Tesh’s blog, and I almost cried.

I’m pretty sure I need a hug right about now.

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