If NYC Neighborhoods Had Their Own Currencies

11/18/2009 2:39 PM |

Tribeca Dollars

School of Visual Arts students in Jason Santa Maria‘s Communicating Design class picked neighborhood names out of a hat last month, and designed district-specific currencies for whichever ‘hood they happened to select. The results of the experiment were posted on an SVA blog (and Flickr) on Monday, and most of them are terrific. (Except Richie Lau’s SoHo money, which is full of animals for some reason—is there a zoo down there I don’t know about?) The Chelsea cash (by Eric St. Onge) uses patterns from Nabisco cookies, because the Chelsea Market building was originally a Nabisco plant; the Midtown money (by Kristin Gräfe), when assembled, makes a map of all Midtown. I’m not sure why they stuck to Manhattan neighborhoods (including some dubious districts, like Stuyvesant Town), but in the absence of a Dumbo Dollar or Williamsburg Kroner, I’d say my favorite is Chia-Wei Liu’s design for Tribeca (pictured). (NOTCOT, DesignRelated)