Jim DeRogatis: “The Pixies Are a Cynical Corporation Cashing in on Blatant Nostalgia”

11/20/2009 2:39 PM |


Jim DeRogatis of the Chicago Sun Times had a few words for the Pixies in his review of their show at the Aragon Theater last night, some of which I will paste below because they speak to what I was getting at the other day before everyone started calling me names.

When a group of revered and influential rockers come back together after a decade of acrimonious separation and/or inactivity, all but the most hard-hearted punks can grant them one lap around the reunion circuit playing the old should-have-been-hits, if only to collect the accolades and the cash that probably eluded them the first time.

Boston’s proto-alternative quartet the Pixies took that victory lap in 2004. Now, while they remain popular enough to play three nights at the Aragon Ballroom—Friday and Saturday sold out, though Thursday only was about half full—it’s hard to consider them anything but a cynical corporation cashing in on blatant nostalgia—a hipper version of Creedence Clearwater Revisited or Journey and whoever is singing with that group these days.

So go ahead, guys, and let him know that he should lighten up and stop being such a ridiculous asshole, and to quit being such an indie-purist while he’s at it. And be sure to tell him that, duh, it’s not possible that there’s anything wrong with what the band’s doing because they’re not forcing anyone to buy anything! Altough maybe you don’t have to, since it seems he already has his own commenters starting to show up. Just_A_Girl, for instance, thinks it was totally “pretentions” of him to compare them to Journey. Which is totally fair, come to think of it. I prefer to compare them to Kiss.