Kelsey Grammar Headed for Broadway’s Cage

11/25/2009 2:31 PM |

La Cage Aux Folles

When the new production of Jerry Herman’s musical La Cage aux Folles moves from London to Broadway’s Longacre Theater in April, Kelsey Grammer will step into the role of George, the owner of the titular French Riviera nightclub. According to the Post, producers for the show wanted a star to share the bill with Douglas Hodge, the British actor who plays Albin, the other lead, but is a relative unknown in New York—which is pretty much in keeping with Broadway’s current string of stunt star-castings.

Grammer’s no stranger to the big stage, though. In fact, after the quick canceling of his ABC show Hank, appearing in a perennial favorite on Broadway might be a nice, sure thing. Grammer last appeared on Broadway in a production of Macbeth in 200 that was a critical and financial fiasco, and for which he footed a large portion of the $1.5 million bill. Something tells me Cage will fair much better.