Listen to the New Them Crooked Vultures Record, Or Don’t (Seriously, Don’t)

11/10/2009 1:08 PM |

A week before the dopey super-group‘s self-titled debut officially hits shelves, they’ve graciously decided to stream it, in its entirety, on their YouTube page. Above, you’ll find album-opener “No One Loves Me & Neither Do I,” which actually maybe answers the question, “What will Aerosmith sound like without Steven Tyler?” My favorite part is when Homme says, “So she asked could I use a dirty bitch — of course.”

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  • This song makes me want to kill myself twice.

  • I am really not feeling the Josh Homme tolerance (in the music world in general, I mean, not in the L Mag, which is blessedly free of it). There are a couple of decent Queens of the Stone Age songs, but for the most part it’s quite dopey. Almost everything he does seems to reflect that caveman-asshole pose he affects whenever he’s photographed. Self-proclaimed dirtbags are almost always even less interesting than actual dirtbags.