(Mothers of) Three Huge Hip-Hop Stars Launching Talk Show

11/18/2009 9:49 AM |

Dinner Table Discussions

Several hip-hop blogs reported yesterday that Aliyah Najm, Jacida Carter, H. Loraine Smith (pictured), the mothers of T-Pain, Lil Wayne and Ne-Yo, respectively, will be launching a talk show sometime next year on an unspecified network. Despite boasting an all-star roster of hip-hop matriarchs the show sounds boring as can be. According to Mama Pain: “Our vision is to be a premier talk show that delivers a creative and informative format that assists viewers in educating and solving challenging issues.” And what could we call such a dull talk show? How’s about Dinner Table Discussions? Yep, sounds fun, don’t it.

Dinner Table Discussions will begin sometime next year, and feature the three moms’ takes on current events, interviews and responses to viewer-submitted issues and concerns. The only way I would ever watch this show would be if it turned out that all the “submissions” were actually problems their sons needed help with. There would be the “What do I do if I’m convicted on a gun charge and going to jail for a year?” episode, or the “Someone more powerful than me thinks that my favorite gimmick is corny, do I confront him?” episode. That I would watch.

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