Music News About Which I Don’t Feel Like Writing More Than a Sentence

11/12/2009 12:29 PM |


Solange Knowles, the sister of Beyoncé (and reportedly the person responsible for dragging her and Jay-Z to the Grizzly Bear show this past summer), has just released a cover of Song of the Year candidate “Stillness is the Move” by Dirty Projectors. Download it here and marvel at the fact that this song would be awesome in pretty much any genre. [MBV]

After a whirlwind week at this year’s CMJ and the subsequent cancellation of a handful of shows due to exhaustion, it seems the xx have officially parted ways with keyboardist-guitarist Baria Qureshi. And you thought they were minimalists before. [Pitchfork]

There’s a new Animal Collective song making the rounds today. It’s the b-side on the newly released “Brothersport” single, and it’s a live version of a song called “Bleeding.” Of course, it keeps appearing in headlines as “Bleeding (Live),” and each time I get excited thinking it’s a cover of “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis. It never is. though. [via Stereogum]

Darius Rucker of Hootie and the Blowfish won a Country Music Award for Best New Artist. This is fucking insane. And so were the headlines that followed. [NY Times]