Naked People on Bikes: The New Flaming Lips Video

11/11/2009 4:03 PM |


In the annals of music history, November of 2009 will forever be remembered for its unusually large number of videos featuring naked or mostly naked people doing tons of weird shit. First there was “Lust For Life” by Girls, then there was a much, much less SFW version of the same video, featuring one dude using another dude’s erect penis as a microphone. Yesterday brought us the video for “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga, and while technically speaking there’s no nudity, one still feels as though there’s not a whole lot of Ms. Gaga they haven’t already seen. And because things always happen in threes, today we get the world premier of a clip for “Watching the Planets” by the Flaming Lips, during which tons of naked people ride bikes and play with Wayne Coyne’s giant ball. “Only in November of 2009,” they’ll say. “Only in November of 2009.” [NME via Pitchfork]