New Chris Brown Single is Disgusting

11/13/2009 11:25 AM |


Chris Brown’s first post-arrest album, Graffiti, isn’t out until the first week of December, but three songs from it have already been released. First came “Crawl,” which was a predictably awful ballad about crawling back to you-know-who after beating the fuck out of her. Then “I Can Transform Ya,” a hard-edged dance track full of harmless, showboating lyrics that succeed because they stop you from thinking about anything, let alone Chris Brown beating up Rihanna. Now, though, he’s released “Sing Like Me,” a bold, shameless track about how awesome he is at having sex, preferably with no less than five women at once. Amazingly, at one point he even uses the words “hit ’em” in succession.

I wanna leave out of here and take em back to the crib
And show how i do the cho-cha, hit em like Sosa
I wanna leave out of here and take em back to the crib
‘Cause you know what I’m thinkin with the love that I’m makin

I know what he means, obviously, but the fact that no one around this dude thought to tell him it might be a good idea if he refrained from singing about hitting anything for a little while is just incredible. Full clip after the jump.

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