Omar Bin Laden Interested in Peacemaking Role at UN. Yes, That Bin Laden.

11/19/2009 2:21 PM |

Young Osama Bin Laden

You know, we can’t all be held accountable for the sins of our fathers. Omar Bin Laden agrees with me, and is just kind of bummed about his dad, Osama. The fourth son of the skinny old terrorist demagogue [pictured, btw, second from the right in happier, pre-demagogue times] told the New Statesmen, wistfully:

Although my father was stern and did not hesitate to use his cane, there were good times when he stopped his war plans and played with us.

Which is kind of like how my dad would sometimes stop watching Canadian football and tell me to get him a beer. Lil Bin Laden also revealed a possible career path, demonstrating a pretty shrewd sense of the current American political climate:

I would like to be in a position to promote peace. I believe that the United Nations would be ideal for me.

C U THERE! Also, he likes horses.