On 90210, N.E.R.D. Premiere New Member and Song Appropriately Titled “WTF”

11/04/2009 10:10 AM |

A while back I mentioned that N.E.R.D. had auditioned and selected a fourth member for the group, a female vocalist named Rhea who, you know, can actually sing on key. Well, they premiered the young lady and the new track “Radio (WTF)” off their forthcoming record Instant Gratification (dropping sometime in 2010) during an appearance on a recent episode of 90210. The one-minute snippet of song starts off pretty slow and boring then ratchets up to an enjoyable mix of rock and call-and-response hip-hop. The performance is interspersed with what are surely deeply meaningful and implication-laden glances between annoying-looking 90210 characters who don’t seem to know what to make of N.E.R.D., which is as it should be. WTF indeed.

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