One More Reason Referendums Suck: The Swiss Vote to Ban Minarets

11/30/2009 8:58 AM |

Swiss minarets

The friendly people of Switzerland are pretty damned scared of Muslims—which is why they’ve decided to ban the minaret! No more will spiky towers haunt the tender dreams of apple-cheeked milk maidens or cuckoo clock makers, thanks to the Swiss People’s Party concern that Switzerland is on the cusp of Islamofication [pictured at right, one of their Fascist-y posters]. This fear is perfectly reasonable and has nothing to do with populist opportunism, particularly when you consider the following numbers:

Muslims make up about 6% of Switzerland’s 7.5 million people… Fewer than 13% practice their religion, the government says, and Swiss mosques do not broadcast the call to prayer outside their buildings.

What’s 13% of 6% of 7.5 million? A TERRIFYING BURGEONING CALIPHATE IN OUR MIDST, that’s what. Fuck you people of Switzerland! But mainly, fuck you plebiscites, referendums and all other forms of direct democracy! Because what the hell is the point of civilization if you can’t protect the rights of the minority against the whims of the majority?

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  • All brothers and sisters of adam and eve ………..what u all people make engaged yourself in rubbish discussion ……please religion is not greater than humanity…just look the person by his/her deeds or actions not by his religion,race or region. ( common man )