One More Way the Aughts Are Like the 80s: Famous Graffiti Artist Arrested in L.A.

11/24/2009 4:58 PM |

Revok mural

REVOK (legal name Jason Williams), an L.A.-based street artist whose tags and murals are peppered all over New York (in Chinatown, pictured, for instance), was arrested in Los Angeles yesterday during an appearance at local graffiti supply shop 33third. According to the L.A. Times, a subsequent search of Williams’ home turned up hundreds of cans of spray paint, a police badge and stolen detour sign. He’s now being held by the LAPD on $20,000 bail.

His last tweet, from 12 hours ago, is a reference to Jay-Z’s “Izzo (Hova)” (which is awesome): “Not guilty y’all got to feel me.” The fact that he was arrested during a paid appearance rather than while actually tagging is sort of ridiculous, and makes the Jay-Z allusion all the more apt: The LAPD went after him because he’s a celebrity and makes a good example. He also makes amazing art—including, weirdly, a beautiful billboard mural to promote the return of one of the most promising young MCs, Charles Hamilton. Check out the video after the jump.