Public Art Fund Installation at MetroTech Provokes Double Take

11/16/2009 2:01 PM |

Public Art Fund Double Take

The Public Art Fund‘s latest commission was unveiled last week at MetroTech Center in Downtown Brooklyn, where six artists have created five works for a public plaza in the exhibition Double Take. More disquieting than the Fund’s recent exhibitions, which have tended more towards the poppy and playful side of public art, the new installation aims to draw viewers into alternate universes and uncanny spaces.

Double Take features a sculpture called “Pilgrim Ghost” by Johannes VanDerBeek that’s exactly what it says it is, Christian de Vietri created an ominous, vaguely Blair Witch Project-y pile of cast aluminum branches called The Gathering, and Matt Irie and Dominick Talvacchio contributed a droopy but still functional lamp post (rendered at right) that seems to be getting pulled into a vortex kind of like in that Halloween episode of The Simpsons. The show also features more architectural installations by Michael DeLucia and Natasha Johns-Messenger, and continues through September 10, 2010.