Shaq (Yes, Shaq) Curating Art Exhibition!

11/18/2009 11:42 AM |

Shaq curator

Today, Bloomberg reports the hilariously awesome news that Shaquille O’Neal, legendary basketball star and somewhat less legendary rapper and actor, will be curating an exhibition at the Flag Art Foundation in February. The show, titled “Size DOES Matter” (February 19 to May 27), will feature 52 pieces by 39 artists whose work plays with scale and manipulates proportions, and will include five new pieces commissioned especially for the show. Shaq will reportedly come to New York to help with the hanging (even though, you know, he still plays basketball sometimes, 500 miles away).

James Frey, a partner in the non-profit gallery, will be writing an essay for the exhibition catalog. He told Bloomberg: ““Getting Shaq, one of the largest people in the world, to curate a show about scale is really fun.” Artists appearing in the show include Chuck Close, Tom Friedman, Andreas Gursky, Brian Jungen (presumably his shoe sculptures?), Ron Mueck (obviously), Yinka Shonibare and Kehinde Wiley, with more names still to be announced.

In addition to being a very fun treat for art world folk who aren’t too snobby to dismiss an athlete’s taste outright, Flag Art’s decision to go outside the circles of artists and auctioneers for their next curator will bring a completely new audience to the show. Hopefully other galleries are paying attention, and will realize that there are very easy and relatively low-risk ways of putting together a huge exhibition that will appeal to an unusually broad audience, even for a non-profit. Something tells me an L.A. gallery is already trying to get Kobe Bryant to curate a show. (Artinfo)