Tetris: Finally More Like Dance Dance Revolution

11/17/2009 4:09 PM |


My school projects always involved lots and lots of boring words, but some people’s projects, apparently, involve combining two of the most addictive video games of all time. Luyza Pereira and Bettina Hiel used the open source electronics interface Arduino to create a version of Tetris that you can play anywhere using a foot-pad much like the ones used for Dance Dance Revolution, and a Wii-like cube controller.

For now it’s just a very, very cool prototype, but it seems safe to say that this will be the most popular holiday gift next year. Between this and the rock-throwing version of Space Invaders, I wonder what classic arcade game will be remade into a mildly fitness-oriented interactive experience. Maybe a version of Pacman where you actually have to run away from ghosts down long hallways? It would look something like this. Check out a brief demonstration of Dance Dance Tetris after the jump. (NOTCOT)