That Asshole Homophobe From the Miss America Pageant Stormed Off Larry King Last Night

11/12/2009 5:41 PM |

Carrie Prejean, the hateful former Miss America contestant who thinks gay people shouldn’t be allowed to get married and that they’ll probably burn in hell for all of eternity, was on Larry King last night to promote her new book, which she has named Still Standing in hopes of calming the nerves of anyone who thought she may have been knocked down for good after falling victim to such horrible crimes as not winning a fucking beauty pageant. Anyway, she gets pissed at Larry for asking a perfectly reasonable question, then does that thing that really stupid people do where she just keeps repeating the same phrase over and over again, in this case, “Larry, you’re being inappropriate.” [Videogum]

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  • Perhaps you were too busy being vehement (as you can easily see from all the pointless profanity), but you didn’t fact-check. Carrie Prejean was a contestant in the Miss USA pageant. Totally different pageants, totally different organizations.

  • ooo good catch…that totally nullifies the fact that she’s completely homophobic. thanks a lot!

  • Not everyone is comfortable with 2 dudes but f**king so is she really homophobic. It is here opinion and a free country to say that. Plus that suspenders wearing douche is probably the worst interviewer every.

  • What is wrong with our country that people can’t have different viewpoints and be respectful about it? Carrie Prejean has been very respectful yet honest about her beliefs and you are ranting with name calling because you disagree. So she has a different viewpoint then you!!! Why do you write with such slander because it is an opposing viewpoint?! And why aren’t we applauding someone for simply saying, “Larry you are being inappropriate” when he violated an agreement about not taking phone calls and kept pressuring her when she already answered the question that “it is confidential.” Why would you demean a person just because she has a different viewpoint and applaud the media personality who is pressuring his guest and showed himself to be untrustworthy? It’s amazing how far we have strayed from values like respect and honesty. And, it is so hypocritical to call someone names because they disagree with you. Aren’t you basically being just as close-minded towards her viewpoint?

  • She’s a bitch! Love those Christians that are all about God and Love, but only if you agree to their version of God and Love. They can shove it up her hypocriticle homophobic a$$

  • Good one Nancy Pelosi I mean Layla…Another one who supported Hussein Obama but probably doesn’t know who the Vice Pres is. Its funny that majority of the people in the US don’t want gay marriage, the majority of us don’t want it.

  • why is everyone being so hard on Mike – she has a right to her own opinion, but journalists are there to ask questions. what does inappropriate mean? what does it have to do with a media interview? what, she can sanction what is asked and what isn’t? what is she hiding? yeah, to any half-wit the woman seems like a hateful and daft being – not the first nor last 15 minutes of half-fame wonder – stifling a debate in a free society with recourse to “appropriateness” or some legalisms is not ok anywhere, not in America!

  • Then why was it so bad when people were asking the questions was obama a muslim or was he actually born in the USA? and why are people racists when they ask these questions.

  • First of all if homosexuality is a life choice and not genetic why the hell would anybody choose to be gay. You would willingly choose to be looked down upon by a vast religious community? You would choose to not have the same rights as heterosexuals? You would choose to shunned and feel outcasted? Noone would choose that. These people are constantl battling with themselves. They are told that theirlife style, who they love, and who they are is wrong. second of all the human genome project only mapped out the genetic code. It did not distinguish what each individuals genes purpose was. If that was the case we would be at a point in science where we could eliminate all the horrible genetic disorders and diseases thus making the quality of life of all mankind greater. Third whether or not homosexuality is a choice or not doesn’t matter. In the constitution it states that we are a country led by the majority with respect for the minority. And since gay marriage would literally have no effect on anybodys own relationships or lives then there is absolutely no reason why it is illegal. Religion is a lifestyle choice but you don’t see laws forbidding catholics from practicing tbeir religion. And considering that the only argument many people seem to have is that marriage is designated in the bible or anyother religious text as being between a man and a women doesn’t matter because of one our countries founding principles: seperation of church and state. So let this person have her fucked up opinion and you can have yours as well but let it be perfectly clear that your opinion literally doesn’t matter on this subject because denying homosexuals the right to marry is illegal. The sad thing is that it is a law that is being ignored