The Most Important Week Yet in the Presidency of Barack Obama

11/30/2009 2:23 PM |

Barack Obama smoking

Holy crap, don’t look now but there could be some real shit going down this week vis a vis the Fairy Tale Fantasy Presidency of the One, the True, the Neo, Barack Obama. Apparently the president gave his orders yesterday regarding Afghanistan, with CBS reporting a likely troop increase of between 30,000-35,000 (to be added to the current number of 68,000). Obviously, this is not the decision we were hoping for. The Prez is going to try to sell the new plan to the American people tomorrow night, speaking live from West Point, cuz, you know, army guys. Merry Christmas families of soldiers!

Of course, debate on the Senate health care bill began about 20 minutes ago, and Wednesday will be a national day of action for abortion rights advocates trying send the execrable Stupak Amendment back to the dive bar toilet stall in which it was surely conceived. (Nothing against dive bars.)

And don’t forget the Jobs Summit! Yup, this Thursday President Obama will be hosting a bunch of CEOs and economists (KRUG-DOG REPRESENT!) and other “job type people” for a summit, at which he will command them to give Americans way more jobs. And don’t forget that November jobs report, which comes out on Wednesday!

So yeah, this is a big week in a big month for the future of the presidency. Umm… g’luck Barry!