The Strokes Top NME’s Best of the Decade List

11/17/2009 1:42 PM |


In one of the most pleasant developments of my day, England’s Rock and Roll Magazine of Record, NME, just published its 100 Greatest Albums of the Decade list, and they’ve got Is This It? by the Strokes as number one. Debatable? Of course, but at least it’s not by Radiohead. Or, like, the Arctic Monkeys. Also debatable? Whether it’s worth including one hip-hop album (The Blueprint, obviously) that isn’t by the Streets.

One Comment

  • Man, I hate the Streets. ALOT. I firmly believe that’s going to sound super duper embarrassing to everyone in the near future if not right now (it really should right now). And I dunno, man, “Bombs Over Baghdad” Still gets a lot of play in the circles I run.