Them Crooked Vultures Make “New Fang” Available on Rock Band

11/17/2009 9:44 AM |


You know what’s not really even a little bit surprising? That Them Crooked Vultures have made their debut single, “New Fang,” available as a downloadable track for the video game Rock Band. When asked for a comment, singer/guitarist Josh Homme said, “Uh, duuuuuh, I like video games, and you’re a pussy!.” But then the guy from Led Zeppelin was like, “Dude, no way, we should seriously come up with an official statement. Do you know anyone who knows how to use a computer or a typewriter?” So then they found a robot who wrote this:

“Them Crooked Vultures are keenly aware of the different ways in which modern music fans digest new music and are therefore especially happy to be able to offer the first single as a downloadable Rock Band game track.”

If you are inclined to purchase the track, don’t. But if you do, know that it will cost you 160 Microsoft points, 200 Wii points, or 99 pence, depending on what kind of nerd you are. [Gigwise]

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