Things I Really Want: The Beatles Apple Flash Drive

11/04/2009 11:15 AM |


Yes, of course I already own every Beatles record. And yes, of course I already own every every Beatles record in multiple formats. And yes, of course, I have them digitized and easily carried around on various ipods and portable hard drives. And yes, of course, I’m expecting someone who loves me very much to buy me the remastered Stereo Box Set for Christmas. And yes, I’m even hoping someone else buys me the mono version, because I can’t decide which one I want more.

So you might assume I’d have no use for a green, apple-shaped USB drive containing stereo remasters of the band’s 14 studio albums (in lossless FLAC format, and as 320Kbp/s MP3s), plus 13 mini-documentaries, cover art, rare photos and extended liner notes. You would be wrong, though. The limited run of 30,000 is available for pre-order right now at the bargain price of $280, and I need it pronto. [Music Radar]