This Dude from the Fiery Furnaces Hasn’t the Slightest Idea When to Shut the Fuck Up

11/20/2009 10:37 AM |


I told you a couple weeks ago about the Fiery Furnaces’ Matthew Friedberger talking shit about Radiohead for trying to attain all sorts of hipster credibility by writing a song about the last surviving WWI veteran, Harry Patch. I also told you that it turned out Friedberger had confused Harry Patch the war veteran with Harry Partch the experimental composer, even though he said he was just kidding? Haha?

Anyway, because Beck is actually a lot cooler and with much better taste than I ever give him credit for, he released a 10-minute tribute to Partch on his website earlier this week. Was it in response to Friedberger being an idiot? We’ll probably never know.

Now Friedberger’s taken to his band’s MySpace page with a pair of positively full-of-shit blog posts that are basically unreadable. In one of them, titled Imaginary Response (clever!), he appears to take a shot at Beck:

How fruitful an imaginary song proved in practice! So as we all move forward, shouldn’t we admit that posting songs on the internet—being virtual, in other words—is so last year? So to speak. Isn’t that what every music management company intern from Northeastern recommends that bands do? That can’t be right

Yes! So last year! Said Friedberger in a blog post on fucking MySpace.

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  • The well-captured photo says it all. On the Myspace, I presume.


  • worst band feud ever.

  • You know, I’m actually sort of rooting for Friedberger in this one, he keeps digging so hard, in the face of zero support, against more graceful sacred cows. It’s almost endearing. It’s like Andy Kaufman wrestling or something. He’s gleefully being a clueless villain, and people are reporting on every single thing he says. I think it’s sort of funny.