Today is the Biggest Day in the History of Popular Music

11/23/2009 10:21 AM |


We first told you about Super Monday back in the middle of October, and although some of the artists taking part have changed, it’s actually an even bigger deal than we thought it was going to be, at least in that, along with the New Moon soundtrack, the records being released today will likely account for a huge percentage of the music sales this holiday season. They are, more or less:

Lady Gaga — The Fame Monster
Rihanna — Rated R
Susan Boyle — I Dreamed a Dream
Adam Lambert — For Your Entertainment
Shakira — She Wolf
Bon Jovi — The Circle
Jay Sean — All or Nothing

With the exception of The Fame Monster (which will be reviewed in the new issue, which comes out on Wednesday), I haven’t heard any of them yet. Record labels are somewhat stingy with promo copies of records that stand to make or break their entire fiscal year. So over the next few days, I’ll be tracking down as many of them as possible and sharing my thoughts if and when I have them.