Tonight: Social Studies at Pete’s Candy Store

11/12/2009 11:38 AM |


Whenever a band from out of town plays in New York on consecutive nights, I assume they’re at least sort of considering moving here. This is incredibly presumptuous, of course, and it’s exactly why everyone hates New Yorkers so much, but still: San Francisco indie-pop band Social Studies is in town for three shows (starting last night at Shea Stadium), and they’re very much deserving of your attention. They’ve been kicking around the west coast since 2006, and they’ve just released a brand new single, or a “digital double” as they call it, which is available as a free download here—it’ll appeal to fans of the the Aislers Set, Camera Obscura and maybe a less goofy Mates of State. From what I’ve read, they put on a hell of a show, too, so please, put on your favorite outfit, your happiest face, and go show them a good time, either tonight or tomorrow or both. Buy them a drink, maybe, or at least say hello. Remember, they could be your neighbors some day.