50 Cent Offers Tiger Woods Advice, With Riddles!

12/07/2009 3:17 PM |

50 Cent loves gold, Tiger Woods

For some reason, Tim Westwood felt it would be appropriate to ask 50 Cent what he thought of the rapidly worsening Tiger Woods situation, and 50 was more than happy to respond with a series of spectacularly nonsensical riddles for the embattled golf champ, and would-be adulterers everywhere. First, his analysis of the situation:

You just gotta have a more honest approach, initially. It’s not like they don’t know his wife is there. He just picked some chickens, that’s all. Then they start talking.

So, when picking chickens, go with the ones that don’t speak, or at least not English. This is where another comment, his recommendation for how best to get away with cheating, comes in handy:

You don’t have a problem with the woman that speaks another language. She never talks to anybody that hears her.

So speechless chickens and women who don’t know English and who nobody hears (so, mute?) are your best bets for cheating, Tiger. Just for future reference. Check out the whole interview here. (HipHopWired)