ABBA and the Stooges, the Two Best Musical Groups of the 1970s, to Be Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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12/15/2009 12:30 PM |

Thank you for the music!

  • Thank you for the music!

Earlier this year, Mike Conklin made the point that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is entirely irrelevant unless we understand “rock and roll” to mean “all popular music” (much in the same way that “indie music” now means “music that cool people, like me, enjoy”). He’s pretty much done writing about the issue, and told me I should be the one to write about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Class of 2010, which was announced today and proves him right, again, by including reggae legend Jimmy Cliff, which is roughly analogous to that year when Bertrand Russell won the Nobel Prize for Literature, really.

Also inducted are Genesis—all of whose good songs are actually solo Peter Gabriel releases, and all of whose famous songs are actually solo Phil Collins releases—and the Hollies, which, really, the Hollies? And not, like, the Box Tops?

And then there are the headliners, who are, as mentioned in the headline, the Stooges and ABBA. You would like me to make a joke about the incongruity of this pairing, right? Ok, but you’ll have to follow the link to other side of the jump if you want to hear it. Deal? It’s really funny I promise.

“The induction ceremony will be held in March, at which point Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson will rub peanut butter on their chests and roll around in broken glass while singing the backup part of ‘Take a Chance on Me’.”

There, there is my joke about ABBA and the Stooges being together at last. Ha ha ha maybe Iggy Pop will wear platform boots and a jumpsuit also.