Andrew Cuomo Actually Inspires Someone… To Hate

12/17/2009 11:24 AM |

john wilkes booth

In the big, awful, ego-driven, awful, awful world of New York state politics, there are a lot of villains worthy of hatred: homophobic asshole Ruben Diaz Sr., greedy opportunist Pedro Espada, corrupt old man Joe Bruno, obstructionist grump Sheldon Silver, retro hetero adulterist Eliot Spitzer… But Andrew Cuomo doesn’t seem to inspire much of anything, which is really a testament to how well he’s done his job as attorney general (remember this? Spitzer-like, really).

So I was kind of amazed to read in the NY Post this morning about the mortal rage Cuomo has inspired in Long Island resident Jack Geoghan, who is being held on $500 million bail for threatening to shoot Cuomo, more specifically:

If that fucker Andrew Cuomo is on the Long Island Expressway and his head is blown off with a 30.06 [a high-powered rifle bullet] you’ll know who did it.

Wow. Apparently Geoghan runs a real estate appraisal business and is pissed about some crack downs Cuomo has made vis a vis mortgage fraud. Yup. Mortgage fraud.

And Long Island continues to grow in my mind as a sordid, terrible place.