Antony Gormley Will Get Naked All Around Madison Square Park

12/04/2009 11:57 AM |

Antony Gromley

According to an announcement today, the British sculptor and installation artist Antony Gormley will be your Madison Square Park artist for spring and summer of 2010. Not only that, but his installation will be a reprise of Event Horizon, which he did in London once before (pictured), and will involve placing some 31 sculptures cast from his own nude body in the park and on rooftops throughout the surrounding Flatiron District.

In light of this year‘s installation, a massive geometric environment by Jessica Stockholder, you kind of get the impression that the Madison Square Park Conservancy is swinging back and forth between picking conceptual, abstract artists and more figurative work like Gormley’s or Roxy Paine’s steel trees. It’s nice that the commission will extend beyond just the park itself next year. But watch out for tourists stepping into traffic with their necks craned, looking for Gormley’s nude likeness perched on rooftops of surrounding streets. Event Horizon goes up March 26, 2010, and remains on display through August 15.