Are There Happy Hours on Fridays?

12/04/2009 4:32 PM |

Happy Hour

Guess what time it is? Well, yes, it’s quitting time. And, yes, I suppose being that it’s Friday evening it’s also time to “get this party started/retarded.” It’s also time to remind you that you can find directions to and details on close and and convenient happy hours using The L‘s inaugural iPhone app, Cocktail Compass, even though it’s Friday and DON’T BARS NEVER HAVE HAPPY HOURS ON FRIDAY?

That’s what I thought too, until I whipped out my (friend’s) iPhone and discovered that there are in fact dozens if not hundreds of Happy Hours all over the city, even on Fridays. Where? I can’t tell you because my friend took his iPhone back, but you can just download Cocktail Compass for free and figure it out for yourself, can’t you? (Yes, you can.)

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