Artists’ Christmas Cards Are Just Plain Cooler Than Ours

12/03/2009 3:57 PM |

Kay Sage GReeting Card

In this month’s Smithsonian Magazine there’s a short article about a new show at D.C.’s Reynolds Center featuring holiday cards that artists designed for their personal correspondence. Alexander Calder‘s is pretty and playful, but also not terribly surprising, and Dan Flavin‘s, amazingly, is actually more sparse than his art.

My favorite—partly because it reminds me of my only foray into making my own holiday greeting cards—is that one at right by the surrealist Kay Sage (her other entry in the show is quite good as well). Sadly, Kay’s cards aren’t among the few that are available as e-cards on the Smithsonian site, so I guess I’ll just stick to my usual scribbled cue cards again this year. (Artinfo)