Bloomberg to Stuff Congestion Pricing Down Our Grateful Throats After All?

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12/16/2009 2:32 PM |


A nice thing about Mayor Bloomberg being an arrogant entitled wealthy prick is his contempt for the pettiness and shortsightedness and self-preservation that for the most part define the practice of politics and hamstring any meaningful chance of political progress and change.

His 2007 plan for congestion pricing, for instance, was a very good idea, torpedoed for bad reasons by people with bad ideas; he knows this; and because he is an arrogant entitled wealthy prick he won’t give up on ideas he knows to be good ones, regardless of resistance.

So, the MTA having just approved the across-the-board service cuts it announced earlier this week, here’s hizzoner saying, in an interview: “Come March, [the MTA’s] going to have to balance a budget, and I think any kind of revenue source is going to be on the table, and it may in fact still get done… If we had done congestion pricing two years ago, perhaps they wouldn’t be in this situation.” (Congestion pricing revenues would have gone in part to fund the bus and subway systems.)

One feels dirty and used, of course, admitting that sometimes when the mayor-for-life says You have to do this it’s good for you, he’s right to say it, and we’re right to do it. Luckily for the ideal of autonomy, though, Albany is a fiefdom where good ideas, even Bloomberg’s, go to die!