Brittany Murphy Died from Diabetes!?!

12/23/2009 12:40 PM |

The secret to my beauty is insulin

  • The secret to my beauty is insulin

So, word on the street is that Brittany Murphy had diabetes, which Slate subtly suggests could have caused her death. Well, as if diabetes weren’t a cruel enough gift from god to me at the end of the year (it’s a long story to be told here at The L in a long story in the coming week(s)), now he has to give me an untimely celebrity death that could be the result of diabetes!?! To shove my mortality and vulnerability in my face?!? Ahhhhhh!!!

Well, apparently Murphy had Type 2 Diabetes (I, like Sonya Sotomayor and the youngest Jonas Brother, have Type 1), and many commentors think it was probably more the drugs or eating disorders than the diabetes that did her in.

Not Newsweek, however, which ran a long, speculative piece about how diabetes could be far worse for the heart than drug abuse and anorexia.

Sob sob sob sob. Christmas in canceled.

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  • Hi Henry, Just Googling Brittany Murphy because I’m also curious about the diabetes connection. Did she have undiagnosed type 1? As you probably know now, type 1 causes weightloss, and if untreated, can cause death literally by starvation if insulin isn’t given. My partner was diagnosed with type 1 aged 42 (old for type 1) – it changed his life and everyday he hates it, but it won’t necessarily be the end if you if you manage it properly. One bit of advice: there is no perfect type 1 regardless of what the medical people say. Sometimes you try your very hardest and test every two hours and the blood glucose levels are still up and down like the stock market. Good luck in your journey, Henry, I don’t know you but will now favourite your blog and look forward to your story. Karen, New Zealand.

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