Can Obama Accept the Nobel Peace Prize Without Offending Everyone with His Colossal Rudeness?

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12/10/2009 12:28 PM |


So your president (unless you’re part of our burgeoning Polish readership, in which case, Witam!) is all up in Norway this week, accepting the Nobel Peace Prize, and trying not to look like he’s enjoying it too much, lest Americans (who already hate him, for being a muslin) hate him, for accepting without squirming the adulation of a liberal nation and the world’s most prestigious prize. (Unacceptable.)

So he’ll only be there for a little while, reports the Times, who go on to note that Obama:

has miffed some Norwegians by cutting short his participation in traditional events surrounding the Peace Prize ceremony, including a luncheon and a concert on Friday evening.

It prompted the largest-circulation newspaper in Norway, Verdens Gang, to conduct a survey asking whether people thought it was impolite of Mr. Obama to decline an invitation to a Nobel luncheon with the King. The poll of 1,000 Norwegians found that 44 percent said it was impolite, while 34 percent said they did not mind.

If an American newspaper ever attempted to poll 1,000 Americans on a question of ettiquete, the respondents would eat the pollster with their hands, with their elbows on the table the whole time.