Chinatown’s New Double-Helix Shaped Brick Wall

12/04/2009 11:26 AM |

Pike Loop in Chinatown finished

About a month and a half ago I stopped by the corner of Division and Pike Streets in Chinatown to check out Pike Loop, a public sculpture being assembled by a giant robot arm under the guidance of architects Gramazio & Kohler. Yesterday Metropolis visited the site of the Storefront for Art & Architecture project and snapped some photos of the final public art installation (above), a winding, twisting, massive and solid yet improbably agile-looking wave of bricks, which will remain on view at least through January. Maybe we should get robot construction workers to help us with all our building projects, like in that movie Sleep Dealer. Just sayin’. Check out Storefront’s fun time-lapse video of the project after the jump.