Chris Brown Thinks Record Stores Are Blackballing Him, Has No Idea Why That Might Be The Case

12/15/2009 9:03 AM |


You know who’s not smart? Chris Brown is totally not smart. After his abysmal, piece of shit new album, Graffiti, sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 100,000 copies in its first week, the 20-year-old singer complained, via Twitter obviously, that record stores are trying to sabotage him by not carrying the record, or not promoting it or something. He’s super angry, basically, like, maybe even angry enough to start/continue beating up women.

“Major stores blackballing my CD,” he tweeted, “Not stockin the shelves and lying to customers.” He then said, “the industry can kiss my ass,” while also wondering, “What the fuck do i gotta do?” He could start, of course, by making better records, and then maybe try to work on not beating up Rihanna. That would be cool. [New York Post]