Cocktail Compass: User Testimony Edition

12/09/2009 4:42 PM |

Happy Hour Cocktail COmpass

So it’s about that time here at the L Mag offices when we all whip out our company iPhones and try to pick a happy hour to hit up. We use this cool thing we invented (not the iPhone, although we had a good time inventing that last year) called Cocktail Compass, which is free and, once installed on your intelligent cellular phone, will help guide you to happy hour deals nearby or afar, wherever you might want to go drinking in the city on any given night. Don’t take my word for it, though, here’s what some completely impartial and very satisfied customers (who aren’t really customers, because Cocktail Compass is free) had to say:
gjk: “Are there any Happy Hours on Saturday? I need an iPhone…”
KateBD: “I totally used the Cocktail Compass! ON A SATURDAY! Worked like a charm.”
There you have it folks: All you need is an iPhone, and then Cocktail Compass will work like a charm, even on a Saturday. Sweet.

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