Coors Tastes Like Pee

12/16/2009 11:48 AM |

Bears Tinkle in There

  • “Bears Tinkle in There”

A new TV spot for Colorado’s Breckenridge Brewery mocks those old Coors commercials that featured the snow-capped peaks and that “Tap the Rockies” tagline. Of Breckenridge’s newest India pale ale, the brewery’s brewmaster, standing in the mountains, boasts that it’s “brewed with real Colorado water” as the camera cuts to a rilling brook. “Well, not this water. Do you know what bears do in there?”

“We didn’t want to rub anyone the wrong way,” the brewery’s director told the Times; they were riffing off the fact that Coors isn’t really brewed with fresh mountain water, but with water thoroughly treated and purified. Though it’s hard to imagine that Coors, now owned by Canadians, wouldn’t be, um, pissed that someone was comparing its beer to, um, piss. Then again, its market research must already have told them that it tastes that way?

The commercial will only be running locally in Colorado. But thanks to the magic of YouTube, you can watch it on the Internet. It’s embedded after the jump.