Cormac McCarthy’s Typewriter for Sale

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12/01/2009 11:01 AM |


For just an estimated $15,000-$20,000 dollars, you might be able to buy, at auction, the Olivetti manual typewriter on which Cormac McCarthy has written all his books, plays and correspondence since acquiring it in a Knoxville pawnshop in 1963.

That seems, frankly, like an awful lot of money to spend on a typewriter with a nonfunctioning apostrophe/quotation mark key, but it is for charity.

After it’s sold, McCarthy said in a statement, he plans to find himself unable to write anymore, the words just won’t come and after months of forcing it unsuccessfully he’ll panic, and then his friends from the Santa Fe Institute will tell him they’ve paid the money back to the guy who bought it, and present McCarthy with his trusty old typewriter, and he’ll bang out another masterful gothic Pulitzer-winner in like a week, and then his friends will be like, guess what, Cormac, that’s not really your old typewriter, we got it out of the prop department of a local theater, the magic was in you all along.