Could BAM’s Streetcar Move to Broadway?

12/18/2009 1:20 PM |

But I dont want to go to Broadway!

  • “But I don’t want to go to Broadway!”

The producer with the rights to stage A Streetcar Named Desire on Broadway told the Times that he’d love to move the sold-out production that’s at BAM over to the Great White Way. Um, except he hasn’t even seen it yet. “From what I’ve heard, it’s fabulous,” he said. He’s going this weekend.

Despite his enthusiasm, a move any time soon seems unlikely. The Sydney Theater Company, which put on the Cate Blanchett-starring Liv Ullman production thrilling audiences and critics in Brooklyn, says the company is busy through mid-2010. Streetcar closes on Sunday, after which the cast is set to return to Australia.

So…thanks, New York Times, for that bit of non-news!

A few days earlier, though, the Times reported well on the difficulties in moving the production to Broadway (which wouldn’t happen until the summer at earliest): the Actors Equity might object to the all-Australian cast (which Blanchett would likely insist on retaining) and Blanchett might be reluctant to commit to the requisite six months or more required to recoup an investment, as she has three young children at home.

What might tip the scales? The Sydney Theater Company, which Blanchett runs with her husband, has a hard time raising money. A hit Broadway production might earn them some much-needed cash.

Of course, it would be lovely if the production extended its run in New York, whether on Broadway or not. As John Lahr recently wrote of Blanchett, “I don’t expect to see a better performance of this role in my lifetime.” Would that more people could experience it.